Day 7 – Sept 6 – Upper Tiüz river

We continued our gradual ascent of the Tiüz river valley all morning. It was cold enough to leave some morning ice on streams.

About an hour into the day, we needed to cross the river, our most serious stream crossing yet. We waded together holding hands so that no one could fall. The glacial water almost reached our knees and was so cold we almost lost feeling by the other side.

In its upper reaches, the Tiüz river makes several right-angle bends. The geology makes the major valleys run east-west, and the river mostly follows them with occasional north-south jumps to the next valley.

Around noon, we left the main stream and followed a tributary up a steeper hill to the south. This is the way to the Tiüz pass, around two more right-angle bends. We camped near a large rock just before the steepest ascent. There was a flock of blue sheep (bharal) across the valley.

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