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Tom and Marcia make it to Jomsom — fly to Kathmandu today

om and Marcia are back to (almost) civilization — here’s the email from Tom’s parents with the details:

Hello, all!

It is Wednesday,November 4th, 2009, and today at 11:00 A.M. I received a phone call from Tom! He and Marcia have completed their trek, are in the town of Jomxom,safe and sound. They hope to be able to make a flight tomorrow to Khatmandu. Presumably, once there, they can better communicate.

He says they had a wonderful time, although not without some difficulties.They are tired and sore, but in good health! He will write a blog about all this in due time. I wonder if it will be a book?

I know that you will rejoice with us that all is well. He asked you, Russ, to put this on a blog for all to read.

Love from Mom/Betty