Day 3 – Sept 2 – Ashu-Tor Pass

Our task for today was to cross another 3700-meter (12,100 foot) pass into a different lateral valley still on the north side of the hills. It was an easy climb mostly up an abandoned jeep trail, though it seemed longer because we must have camped a little lower.

The weather was a problem. It was already cloudy when we awoke, and by noon a fairly big thunderstorm had already developed. Fortunately this one passed us to the north and allowed us to make it over the pass with only a few drops of rain. But once we sat down for some lunch on the other side of the pass, another storm hit and showered us with hail and rain. We covered up as well as we could and ate, but as the rain showed no sign of letting up, we were forced to hike the remaining six kilometers in the rain. Thankfully, the jeep trail continued most of the way and we could walk pretty quickly

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