Back to Kyrgyzstan

Now it is time to leave Kashgar and return to the mountains of Central Asia.

At 5:00 Monday morning, our driver will pick us up and take us to the Kyrgyzstan border, where another driver is supposed to be waiting. We will spend one night in the Kyrgyz mountain crossroads of Sary Tash, then cross the Tajik border and proceed along the Pamir Highway to Murghab.

Once there, we will spend a few days exploring the high Pamirs and then drive down the Tajik side of the Wakhan Valley, along but not over the border to Afghanistan. We will then reach the larger town of Khorog and either drive or fly to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

All this will take one and a half to two weeks, and blog postings may be few or nonexistent during that time. See you on the other end!

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