Back in North America

We made it back to San Francisco on schedule on July 12, and we’ve been very busy since then with all the tasks of returning home and preparing for our next round of adventures. In the space of about ten days, we visited friends and family, played with grandchildren, saw the dentist, bought and organized medicines, and sorted a pile of mail over one meter high. We are now at our summer house in Canada resting and working through a series of other tasks.

One of those is of course to post blogs from six weeks of traveling and trekking in India. You have already seen a few June postings from our first few days collecting visas in Delhi, and I’ve now added one about Jaipur, which we visited around the same time.

Next, now filed under their proper times in June and July, I have added a long series of postings and pictures from Ladakh, which I hope will make up for our long silence.

I have now also rearranged the Nepal trek postings to their proper time sequence in May 2010. Please use the navigation panel at the right or repeatedly click the “Older Posts” link at the bottom of the page if you want to get back to them.

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