Day 5 – May 7 – Four passes to Ghami

Marcia was feeling better but still not up to the 7-hour day that would be required to get back on schedule. I had our guide inquire about the cost of a horse, and it was only US$30, plus $3 for the horse man. It says something about the standard of living when a horse costs ten times as much as a human. In any case, we proceeded with Marcia atop a very gentle steed named Siddha, the rest of us walking.

This was indeed a long day, crossing four low passes and considerable distance. Traveling south-north in Mustang is like crossing the ribs of a comb. Nothing high, but the series of passes and ravines is quite tiring.

Along the way were a number of small teahouses and villages. Views changed rapidly as every hill seemed to have a different color or texture. The weather was mostly cloudy with a few drops of rain, fresh snow in higher elevations. We did catch a glimpse from the pass of the very peak of Annapurna I.

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