Day 4 – Nov 14 – Continuing clouds

Today was a short day climbing about 500 meters to the district capital Chame. Aggressive hikers combine this with the previous day, but that makes for a very long day. We are slow hikers and we hope we left the really long days behind in Dolpo.

The weather was better but still cloudy. We could at last see most of the mountains overlooking the valley, but the highest peaks were still in the clouds. That was a shame because we are now getting to the place where we are getting our first good views of Annapurna II and other great mountains. We hope the weather continues to clear.

Along the way we passed a 32 kilowatt micro hydro generator. A number of towns in the Annapurna area have used tourist money to build such projects, which provide local power for lights and other appliances. This is a dramatic change from Dolpo, where the only electricity was from solar panels on top of a house.

Chame was relatively upscale in its accommodations. We had our own little cottage and quite a nice restaurant. There was internet access, although their advertisement of broadband speed was a little excessive. Hot showers, however, were not an option since the solar water heaters had gone for so many days without sun.

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